Policy and Procedure

Who needs to test for Methamphetamine Contamination?

  • Homeowners
  • Property Managers
  • Landlords
  • Motel and Hotels
  • Commercial vehicle owners i.e trucking
  • Used Car sales and rentals
  • Motorhome resellers or rentals
  • Meth testing service providers

INSCIENCE can assist with development of Quality Manuals, procedures documentation, Marketing material, reporting templates and company policies.


INSCIENCE Ltd issue a certificate of attainment on completion of the Meth Testing course and provide ongoing training support of those it qualifies.

Currently there are no NZQA Unit Standards nor New Zealand Standards for Procedures for testing for Methamphetamine Contamination for Property (surfaces). When NZQA Unit Standards are available to assess , Inscience will where applicable apply evidence of prior learning towards registration of relevant NZQA credits and qualification.

Testing Supplies

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Delivery and Compliance

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Training courses available from an NZQA trainer and assessor with decades of experience in the science and the compliance with International and New Zealand Standards. Attend one of our courses and INSCIENCE have an open invitation to attend extra course dates at no charge and provide ongoing procedural support for the first 6 months. Your chosen partner in Compliance.

Advice and Support

INSCIENCE can audit your policy, procedure, documentation and reports for compliance with Guidelines and current science. An independent opinion in what is currently a sea of varied and confusing information on the subject of Methamphetamine Contamination of Property

Training Course


This course is presented by Ann-louise Anderson BSc. (see About Us)
Ann-louise is a leader in the specialised field of Drug Testing processes for Workplace andMethamphetamine surface testing. She is a Qualified NZQA Trainer and Assessor. This course is not affiliated with any service or product provider and provides independent and unbiased information, practicals and education.
Since New Zealand is still awaiting development of Standards and therefore NZQA Unit Standards this course is not assessed under or registered by NZQA.
Duration: 4.5 hours

The course covers practicality of sampling and conducting a screen test and exploring all testing methods and types such as onsite screen tests, sampling for composite testing and the very important ‘confirmation’ test sample for sending to a Laboratory for confirmation and quantitation above 0.5µg/100cm2 . Chain of custody and understanding sampling methods and their value. Writing and interpreting reports and understanding risk and liability. See attached PDF for more course details.

Certificate issued on completion of written and practical assessment. Class sizes limited so book early or host your own course and train in your own environment.

By: Jaden McLeod
VideoJournalist Bay of Plenty, NZH Local Focus
jaden@localfocus.nz @JadenMcLeod94