BioPen COVID-19 Nasal Pen Tests – box of 20 tests

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Ecotest COVID-19 Nasal Pen Test Kit – box of 20 tests

Non-intrusive, user friendly and no equipment required. Easy to use results in 15 minutes. Ideal for high throughput testing. Constantly evaluated for sensitivity to new variants.

It’s far less intimidating than a swab with similar dimension of the collector tip to a Vicks inhaler

The format makes for more accurate and adequate sampling

Ideal for testing outdoors (well ventilated) even in a breeze with no risk of disruption to test components

New TGA approved Expiry Extension (TGA Expiry Extension )

Ecotest COVID-19 Nasal Pen Test Kit brochure

Approval certificate

MoH approved

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Ecotest COVID-19 Nasal Pen Test Kit (nasal pen test) now with the new name ‘Biopen’- box of 20 tests

Non-COVID Biopen tests will also be launched in 2024 using saliva and nasal specimens.

Watch this video below and see the test process and if it suits your needs.

Simple to dispense to workers – everything they need to collect and test in one foil pack.

Each box contains 20 of these one-test packs.