Ann-louise Anderson (Weaver)

Bsc Biochemistry, NZCS Biochemistry, DipMkt, MNZIMLS

Mobile: 021 975 292
Phone: 09 376 0121
Email: alw@inscience.co.nz
PO Box 147391, Ponsonby, Auckland 1144 New Zealand

About Ann-Louise

Ann-louise Anderson (Weaver) has long been the go-to person for information and advice on best practice in drug testing for the workplace. Before establishing InScience in 2007, she was a chief executive in a multinational leading edge clinical diagnostic, scientific and medical  company.

She is a long-standing member of the Australia and New Zealand Standards Committee that continues to develop standards and guidelines for industry across  drug and alcohol testing practices.
Her passion lies in helping people to be safe at work, employers to get the best they can from their workplace and dollars spent and ensuring a fair and reasonable process and outcome for all. In her eyes, drug testing at work is a very cost effective weapon addressing risk management in compliance with Health and safety at work act 2015 . It is a proven, low cost strategy, identifying those needing help, preventing harm, accidents and sick leave, while improving attendance, job retention and increasing productivity. I
Those she has worked alongside can’t speak highly enough of her depth of knowledge and the support she has given their workplace culture and businesses.

Ann-louise holds a BSC in Biochemistry, NZCS Biochemistry, Dip Mkt, MNZIMLS, and is a science graduate majoring in Biochemistry. She has worked alongside laboratories for 30 years, establishing drug testing for the workplace, immunosuppression and therapeutic drug test application, immunoassay and sexual health diagnostics.

She is formerly chief executive of In Vitro Technologies PTY Ltd Australia and New Zealand and before that managing director of Dade Behring New Zealand(Siemens), a multinational clinical diagnostic company who as Syva brought the first immunoassay drug screening methods and instrumentation into the laboratories. For more than 20 years she has been a director and managing director both in New Zealand and  Australia.

Ann-louise has over 30 years experience in commerce, science and medicine alongside extensive work with major corporations in development and implementation of workplace policies, from smoke free legislation to occupational health and safety initiatives around drugs and alcohol. She brings a chief executive’s perspective and personal empathy  to workplace initiatives and policies, balancing the science, human resources and commercial practicalities.

Since 1993 Ann-louise has been an active member of the Australia and New Zealand Standards committee CHO36 who have been responsible for the revision of AS/NZS 4308 in 2001 and 2008. More recently she is on the standards committee that revised the Oral Fluids Standards AS4760:2006 which has been now been published as a joint New Zealand standard AS/NZS4760:2019.

She is a consultant in Australia and New Zealand for companies involved in marketing and bringing to market of new products, supporting product through regulatory and verification processes, NZQA training schemes and services.

Ann-louise formed InScience in response to the need for expertly supported onsite test devices with results interpretation and procedural advice, related policy development and training and pioneered AS/NZS4308:2008 onsite drug screening compliance. She is now pioneering Oral fluids drug testing compliance for NZ workplaces with the first and only oral fluid test verified to AS/NZS4760:2019 which she distributes and supports exclusively in NZ for Draeger. The emergence of on-site testing in either urine samples or saliva (oral fluid) samples requires careful management and understanding of science and compliance relating to the Standards in play. Most contemporary businesses today focus on their core competencies and outsource areas of their business needs not within those parameters, allowing them to get the very best support and value over time. InScience is the solution to their in-house science in safety and science in health needs, hence the company name. Ann-louise has an extensive network of world renowned experts in the fields of forensic and other sciences available to assist with independent information and expert testimony.

Ann-louise has an NZQA National Certificate in Adult Education and Training L4 adult trainers and 4098 assessors qualification and has written 4 NZQA unit standards for urine drug screening and collection (25458 and 25511) and for the pending Oral fluids collection and  drug screening unit standards and developed courses for these Unit Standards which meet the requirements for competency based qualifications in urine and Oral fluid drug screening plus the collection processes for occupational health and safety practices or workplaces conducting their own drug and alcohol testing.