AS 3547:2019 Breath Alcohol Testing Devices


AS 3547:2019 “Breath Alcohol Testing Devices” was published on 28 June 2019, succeeding AS 3547:1997.  The objective of this standard is to specify requirements for the performance, testing and marking of breath alcohol testing devices for uses such as, but not limited to, personal, workplace and medical screening purposes.

AS 3547:2019 makes provision for an overlap period between both standards that will expire on 28th June 2022 (refer Amendment No. 1). After this date, AS 3547:1997 will be superseded by AS 3547:2019. Regulatory authorities that reference this standard in regulation may apply these requirements at a different time. Users of this standard should consult with these authorities to confirm their requirements.

This Standard was developed for Australian application and as such does not include standard NZ
measurement units , micrograms per litre of Breath (ug/L)

New requirements (abstract):

  • Devices will now measure breath alcohol concentrations (BrAC) in g/210L, this being Australia’s legal metrology unit that has been used by law enforcement for many years(NZ metrology unit is ug/l, Micrograms per litre). When using Dräger Alcotest® devices the change of measurement unit is cosmetic only. Test result concentrations will remain the same, i.e. a concentration of 0.05 % is equivalent to 0.05 g/210L is equivalent to 250ug/L (NZ). NB for NZ workplace policy this exception to apply NZ Metrology units should be noted.
  • During routine calibration 3x different concentrations should be used to confirm accuracy and
    • 0.000 g/210L
    • 0.050 g/210L (or 0.020 g/210L)
    • 0.100 g/210L


New Dräger Alcotest® devices:

Dräger has received AS 3547:2019 certification for its new Alcotest® 4000 (personal use) and Alcotest® 6000 (entry-level professional) devices, SAI Global certificate number SMK02553. Both devices are now available for purchase. The Alcotest® 7000 (premium professional) , just launched is also available for purchase as a certified compliant device. Both the A6000 and the A70000 now qualify for 12 monthly calibration stability over that period of time due to remarkable sensor found in Draeger alcohol breathalysers.

Superseded Dräger Alcotest® devices:

Superseded devices such as the Alcotest® 6820, 5820, 5510 and 6510 are and will remain AS 3547:1997 certified. Whilst their accuracy and measurement performance is equivalent to the new Dräger Alcotest® devices (4000, 6000 and 7000), we like most manufacturers have decided not to get the superseded devices AS 3547:2019 certified for commercial reasons.

To support our customers still using the superseded device models, from mid-2022, we will be in a position to set up and calibrate these devices alongside current models in compliance with AS 3547:2019 as they come in for service (book here). This will be ongoing as long as they are sent in for service.

Please do not hesitate to contact us should you have any questions or require any support in retaining
superseded models and getting policy updates to accomodate this revised Standard 3547 if you intend to reference it in your Policy document.