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All NZQA drug testing courses

All NZQA courses offered by Inscience have limited places available to maintain optimum trainer: trainee ratio and improve the learning experience. Please register your interest as soon as possible to avoid disappointment for your chosen dates.


Inscience offer Urine and Oral fluids onsite drug testing NZQA unit Standards with great trainers, passionate about this subject and with lots of experience to share with trainees on the course and as followup.  Inscience provides ongoing support well after the course has finished to help collector/testers build on their competence and confidence to apply the skills learnt in training and grow in their knowledge.

NZQA drug specimen collection, screening and confirmation courses, refresher and alcohol (non NZQA)

  • US 25458 “Perform urine specimen collection in the workplace  for drug testing”
  • US 25511 “Perform urine drug screening in the workplace”
  • US 32327  “Perform oral fluid specimen collection in the workplace for drug testing”
  • US 32328  “Perform oral fluid drug screening in the workplace”
  • Urine 2-3 yearly REFRESHER course
  • Oral fluids 2-3 yearly REFRESHER course
  • ALCOHOL breath testing to AS3547:2019
  • Covid rapid antigen testing for professional use- available as a free, online access course

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Ways to get your onsite drug testing NZQA qualification:

  • Classroom – a single, 5 to 7 hour classroom course for 2 unit standards
  • Classroom – 3 hour refresher course
  • Zoom room – 2 to 3 x 2 hour zoom sessions per course
  • Zoom room-  3  hour Refresher course

Urine drug testing course NZQA

NZQA combined Unit standards 25458 and 25511,

Urine specimen collection for performing drug screening and the confirmation of drugs by a Laboratory are conducted regularly – Check out our training calendar or call us to discuss a course in your region, over zoom or hosted by your workplace

See link here to these NZQA performance criteria

Inscience conducts training using all Urine test devices verified to AS/NZS4308:2008 

Available as a classroom course or new Zoom room course (see the ‘Formats’ section  later in this page).

You can also ask us about alcohol breath testing training add on.

Oral fluids drug testing courses NZQA

NZQA combined US 32327 and 32328 information

See link here to these NZQA performance criteria

Inscience offers oral fluids collection and drug screening for workplaces NZQA unit Standards Oral fluids NZQA 32327 and 32328 with greater accessibility–

Inscience conducts training using all Oral Fluid test devices verified to AS/NZS4760:2019

Available as a classroom course or new Zoom room course (see the ‘Formats’ section  later in this page).

You can also ask us about alcohol breath testing training add on.

Inscience NZQA US 32327 and 32328 Courses gives you wider competency skills by including your chosen verified testing devices. 3 options available supplied free of charge.

Highly skilled Trainer(s) will engage you with their knowledge, experience and passion for this topic. After-training support by topic expert available freely.

Course delivery formats

You can choose from a classroom format or a Zoom based format.


CLASSROOM format – NZQA training courses for Oral fluid NZQA US 32327 and 32328 or Urine NZQA US 25458 and 25511 

No hidden costs for materials and test devices used in assessments

All you need to bring along to training is:

  1. your registered copy of the relevant AS/NZ Standards which we cannot provide as these are restricted on distribution due to copyright
  2. a copy of your workplace policy
  3. examples of any inhouse documents used for chain of custody record (if applicable)
  4. your full attention!

Click here for a downloadable PDF for attendee information – Urine NZQA US 25458 and 25511 

Click here for a downloadable PDF for attendee information – Oral fluid NZQA US 32327 and 32328

NZQA Training is the theory and understanding of the requirements for both urine and oral fluid drug testing in the workplace plus practicals. Competency covers:

Description:  NZQA course cover rights under NZ Legislation; Chain of custody; How to navigate the NZ Standards; Workplace policy application; Quality controls; Proficiency testing ; Drug and drug class knowledge; reporting requirements; preparing a test subject for drug testing; integrity checks; informed consent; collection of specimen(s) for screening and/or confirmation; about verified onsite test devices;  conducting a drug screen(s); interpretation and recording of results; processing and documenting of a confirmatory sample for transport to an accredited laboratory; proficiency programmes.

Assessments are:

  • Task 1 Theory (written ) assessment
  • Task 2 Preparing the test subject and collection/screen area and conducting controls
  • Task 3 Specimen collection and conducting/interpretation/recording/reporting a screen
  • Task 4 Collection of specimen for processing and transport to the Confirming Laboratory

The description and assessment information covers both NZQA training for workplace drug testing for both specimen types.

Born from the covid restrictions in place during the last two years and now for those wanting to be trained at their place of work eliminating the cost of travel we proudly announce


ZOOM ROOM Format– NZQA training courses for Oral fluid NZQA US 32327 and 32328  or Urine NZQA US 25458 and 25511 

Same course contents as description and assessment tiltes for Classroom content

NOTE: It is preferrable that for the Zoom course, two persons enroll per site or you have someone accessible with this NZQA qualification. This allows for partnered or paired practical assessments.  Extra Zoom time may be required if you unable to pair with a fellow trainee or accessible qualifed person.

Full attendance (no distractions) with video on/visible at all time to trainer. Audio on with mute capable for those attending zoom courses.

The ZOOM course you will note on the course calendar is divided into at least 2 x 2.5 hour sessions on separate, preferably consecutive, days . This is a course for the time-poor, those wanting to reduce travel costs and time and also those that may need to respect covid restrictions.

Session 1 Zoom 

  • Task 1 Theory (written ) assessment
  • Task 2 Preparing the test subject and collection/screen area and conducting controls
  • Task 3 Specimen collection and conducting/interpretation/recording/reporting a screen

Session 2 Zoom

  • Recap of yesterdays learning
  • Task 3 continued
  • Task 4 Perform quality controls and collection of specimen(s) for processing and transport to the Confirming Laboratory

Both session 1 and session 2 require you to do practical assessment offline performed with your workplace pair or partner in which you conduct tasks as assigned. Option- additional appointment for 60 zoom minutes tutelage/practicals (this may be required by the Trainer for individual practicals).

Alcohol breath testing courses (Non NZQA)

TRAINING : PERFORM an ALCOHOL BREATH TEST to requirements of AS3547:2019

On request, we can provide Alcohol breath testing training with a certificate of attainment provided on completion. This may be added or offered as additional to NZQA courses or available separately via Zoom room training.

Covid Rapid Antigen testing for professional use course- available free online (non NZQA)

Email for your access code. Based on competency training principle for conducting Covid RAT Medsafe approved products.

Certificate course – How to perform rapid antigen tests (please specify the brand of test kit)

  • Workplace Policy and Standard operating procedure
  • PPE, Aerosol, precautions and risk assessment
  • Prepare the test subject – informed consent
  • Specimen Collection- coached, observed self collection
  • Perform the test
  • Result interpretation
  • High Throughput processing
  • Documentation
  • Use of Apps for IT based test recording/reporting

Certificate issued on successful completion. Zoom practical with trainer if requested.

Full course ~1 hour for managing and supervising a testing programme and Short course ~ 30 minutes for those conducting a test in the workplace. Online immediate assessment feedback via a multiple choice assessment.


Course scheduled dates

Click here to see our course calendar.

Inscience reserve the right to cancel or postpone scheduled training events if absolutely necessary. This may be on the basis of insufficient numbers confirmed to attend. However, if this is the cause of cancellation or postponement, a notification will be sent to those enrolled  5-10 working days prior to the scheduled date.

Enrolment Form

InScience conducts drug testing training and has a sub-contracting agreement with IMPAC. IMPAC is a private training establishment (PTE) registered with NZQA to deliver and assess unit standards 25511 and 25458. This sub-contracting agreement has been approved by NZQA. Unit standards are reported/registered by IMPAC to NZQA.

Payment terms

Once enrolments are received and a place confirmed as available an invoice will be issued. This secures a confirmed place for Inscience account holders; however, non-account holders (Cash sale invoice) will only have a confirmed place secured on a scheduled course when proof of payment in full is received. Cancellation of confirmed placement within 2 weeks of a course date will be subject to a cancellation fee based on the proximity of the cancellation to the training date (up to 80% of the training fee). If the place can be filled, no charge will apply; however, late cancellation often means that the place cannot be allocated to others.  The balance of the fee left after cancellation charges may only be used as credit to be applied to a future training course.