InScience provide full after sales service and processing support of all our  consumable products and analytical instruments

DT5000 drug test analyser are serviced in NZ or at the manufacturing centre in Switzerland if required.

We have a five day turnaround time for service diagnosis and local repair, with loan instruments available during that time. Complete the form below to best inform us of the reason and circumstances of any required instrument repair.

We recommend requesting a loan unit as soon as possible and we give priority to those required due to instrument repair.

IMPORTANT! Please email or text us with confirmation on day of shipping any device/instrument to us, as well as tracking references (signatures required), so we can schedule and prioritise your repair.

Inscience will, subject to availability, provide loan instruments free of charge whilst your instrument is with us. Instrument repair charges can often not be subject to a quote as the instrument will require a service diagnosis prior to establishing a cost. You will be advised and provided with a quotation for repair requiring your approval to proceed with the repair.

The loan of an instrument while yours is in for service, whilst free of charge will be subject to courier (signature required) freight charges. These will be added to the invoice for repairs undertaken. Any loss or damages during transport to and from service and of your instrument or the loan unit will be your responsibility.

Courier transport is such that all precautions will be required taken by both Inscience service and the instrument owner to minimise damage during transport. Inscience require track and trace details sent to immediately on courier pick up for that reason.

It is imperative that loan instruments are returned as detailed within 2 days of return of your calibrated and or serviced analyser to enable us to make this free loan service available to others.

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Please include as much detail as possible, as well as any instrument fault codes. Also let us know what action(s) you have already taken to resolve the issue.

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