Vaccination for Covid (boosters) and the ‘flu vaccination can now be administered in one visit. Vaccination – love it or hate it – will assist in reducing the number of NZers getting these viruses and passing them on, will also reduce the severity of the ‘flu and or COVID which may otherwise require hospitilisation over our coming NZ winter.

I recently posted about a Swiss study which noted that “Vaccination still plays a significant role regarding the main outcome”, since a secondary analysis in this most recent study showed that unvaccinated COVID patients were twice as likely to die compared to ‘flu patients.

Vaccination for Influenza and Covid Winter 2023

“Our results demonstrate that COVID-19 still cannot simply be compared with influenza,” they wrote. While the death rate among COVID patients was significantly higher, there was no difference in the rate that COVID or ‘flu patients were admitted to the intensive care unit, which was around 8%.

JAMA Network Open: “Hospital Outcomes of Community-Acquired SARS-CoV-2 Omicron Variant Infection Compared With Influenza Infection in Switzerland.”